Täältä löytyy toivelista, mikä sisältää himoitsemiani lakkoja, laattoja tai muita koristuksia. Jos sinulta löytyy jotakin näistä tarpeettomana, ota rohkeasti yhteyttä ja tarjoa.

Barry M
Silver Foil
Gold Foil

China Glaze
Fairy Dust
Strawberry Fields
Capacity To See Beyond
Intelligence, Integrity & Courage
Be More Pacific
Dune Our Thing
Feel The Breeze
Float On
I Sea The Point
Shore Enuff
At Vase Value
Grass Is Lime Greener
Lotus Begin
I'm Not Lion
Flip Flop Fantasy
Ruby Pumps
Sweet hook
Pink Voltage

Color Club
Wicker Park 

Dollish Polish
Better Not Waste


Hey, Nude ! 
Headphones On !
Purple Sugar
Splash ! 
Hello marshmallow! 
Over The Rainbow
It's Raining Men ! 
Be My Lucky Star 
Best Dressed
Little Lila Town
I Love My Blue Jeans
Caramel Brownie
Caribbean Bean
Modern Romance
You Wow'd Me Again
I'm Bluetiful
Mister  Rusty
Chic Reloaded
Here's My Number
Icy Fairy
Little Miss Sunshine
We Rock The Green
Upper green side
Grey-t  To Be Here
I'm The Boss !
Walk On The Wild Side
Go Bold !
That's What I Mint !
Dare It Nude

Parka Perfect
Double Breasted Jacket
Urban Jungle
Go Ginza
Rock the Boat
Sunday Funday
Navigate Her
Bikini So Teeny
Madison Ave-Hue


Soft Pink
Pastel Dots
Sparkly grey
Shimmer Night

Models Own
 Indian Ocean


Tiffany Case
It's Frosty Outside
Stay The Night
Can`t Let Go
Magazine Cover Mouse
Pink Yet Lavender
Minnie Style
Chic From Ears To Tail
Sorry I’m fizzy today
Mermaid`s tears
Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
Where Did Suzi's Mango?
I Just Can't Cope-Acabana
Don`t Pretzel My Buttons
Can't Find My Czechbook
My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours ! 
Teenage Dream
Push And Shove
4 In The Morning
Over & Over A-Gwen
Hey Baby
Mod About You
You're So Vain-Illa
My Favorite Ornament
This Gown Needs a Crown

Miss Conduct

Wet n Wild Fergie
Rock n`roll

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